We’re Coming to Your House! What Can You Expect?

We’re Coming to Your House! What You Can Expect.

unnamed (4)Our job at JVI Secret Gardens is to enhance your living space – be it installing a relaxing waterfall or revamping your landscaping to create a peaceful retreat – we’re called-in to make things pretty. Of course, that also means that we need to actually spend time in your space while we do that: in an effort to make that process as easy on you as possible, we thought we’d outline the steps taken once you contact us.

  1. Send pictures of your space (Use the form at the bottom of this page or derek@jvisecretgardens.com)
  2. Initial call with Derek – (30 minutes)
    • FREE over-the-phone estimate
    • Discuss expectations and ideas
  3. In-home Consultation – (1 hour)
    • Discuss details of project in depth providing you with valuable information that is exclusive to the consultation
    • Goals, problems, expectations, regulations (e.g., HOA)
    • $200 to $500 Consultation Fee depending on the scope of the project (credited towards project)
  4. 50% Deposit required to schedule and hold installation date
  5. Walk-Through with Derek’s team sometimes is in order, but not always.
    • Introduction to Foreman
    • Exchange contact information
    • Set project timeline

***See steps in detail below***

Regardless of the job, we take pride in being easily accessible and communicating well. This is your space, your home, and your retreat: we want to be respectful at all times. Therefore, you can call, text, and/or email knowing that we’ll answer and be more than willing to make you happy, whatever the case may be.

Detailing Each Step:

  1. In order to provide you with an approximate estimate of the time and cost of your project, we’d like for you to send us some pictures of your space; that way Derek – our landscape and pond guru – is able to gain a better understanding of the project.
  2. Once we’ve received your pictures Derek will give you a call. He’ll ask questions about the size and scope of your project and questions like, “What do you want to achieve with this job?” as well as the just-as-important, “What are you hoping to avoid with this project?” At this time, he will be able to provide you with an approximate estimate (for FREE).
  3. Moving forward, Derek moves into the consultation phase. A meeting in the space that needs work with all the decision-makers present is scheduled for a fee that will be credited to your job, if you decide to hire us. During this appointment Derek will be able to see the space first-hand, you’ll be able to discuss exact details of the project, and he’ll ask you a lot of questions. Are we tearing out old landscaping? Do you want to fix an existing water feature? Are we starting in with a fresh slate? Are there problems in the area, like drainage issues or poor soil? Do you have HOA regulations?
  4. After the consultation, if you would like to continue with the job, we ask for a 50% deposit in order to schedule and hold an installation appointment
  5. After you’ve paid your deposit, Derek gathers his team – Corey and Travis – for a pre-job walk-through. Bringing out the foreman, Travis, allows everyone to meet and establish contact to discuss what exactly needs to be done in your space. At the walk-through, Travis will then become your main point of contact on the job. Phone numbers and emails are exchanged, a timeline is set up for the work to be completed, and then we get to work!
Send us your pictures!

Ready to get started? Get a Free Quote using the form below. Be sure to send a few photos and tell us all about your project. Or feel free to call or stop by our garden center to see us or check out our latest blog posts or recent projects. We strive to get in touch within two business days. But during peak season it may take a little longer. We thank you for your patience while we are out making someone’s backyard beautiful!

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